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  1. Yes, it is. You may call me at, 321-223-9802 and leave a message. I will get right back with you. Thank you.
  2. I bought in 2018 from APQS after someone had it for a year and then decided to give back. I've only quilted 10 quilts on it since I have had it. I have not had it serviced myself.
  3. Due to health reasons having to move in with my daughter and no room for machine. Has automatic quilt advance, bliss track system, quilt glide stitch mode. Vertical and horizontal lock for straight lines. Upgraded side clamps, and have easy on, easy off leader grips. Turbo bobbin winder. Extra bobbins and needles, magnetic bobbins in various colors, oil for machine. Original book. L size bobbin. Plan to break it down so it will be ready for transport. Machine will be in original box for safe transport. I really enjoyed it and has never given me any trouble. Hate to see it go. Live in Central Fl. My email is cadaigle91@gmail.com. my name is Carol. Please email if interested.
  4. I am interested in your panto's that are 10" or bigger. Let me know how many you have in these sizes and I may buy them all. My email is, cadaigle91@gmail.com. Thank you.
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