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  1. I have been interested in all the comments. Just to update since I wrote the first question. I did decide to go with the Millie with Quilt Path. I am really enjoying the machine and learning a lot as I go. I have had a few minor issues, some user error and some routine maintenance (a screw jostling loose and needing tightning) but the customer service has been outstanding and the machine is easy to maintain and "repair." What I wish I had known more about during the decision making process: I wasn't aware that the APQS could be outfitted with other robotic systems. If I had realized this I would have looked at IQ at least. QP is OK but one of the major concerns people express is the delay in the update. And also the fact that the update apparently won't have a no sew zone. Last year I would have said I wouldn't ever use it but I am finding that I would like to have that capability. I saw it demonstrated on the IQ and it looked really easy to do. I'm doing OK using the QP robotics but I am not fully using the CAD (computer assisted design) elements as I don't really understand how to even tho I have paid for a couple classes. I find that I spend a lot of time (sometimes hours) trying to figure out how to create a simple design. I realize there is a learning curve but after all those hours my design still isn't right and I end up purchasing one anyway. For me this has become a time vs. money consideration. It's easier for spend a few dollars and have the design available "right now". Anyway if you are still trying to figure out what to purchase learn from me and know that there are a number of robotic systems that are compatible with the Millie.
  2. I’m interested in purchasing bar magnets for my APQS Millie. I read on one blog that care should be taken with any electronics. I definitely do not want to create any problems with my Quilt Path. What do fellow members know about this.
  3. This looks interesting to me, also. Are you willing to share information about how it was made?
  4. I read a suggestion about using track lighting above a long arm. Has any one tried this? My room is 14x10 with standard 8 foot ceiling. I have a fairly large window on the west wall, which on a sunny day, gives me nice overall lighting. But on cloudy days and at nigh additional light would be needed. The current set up is a ceiling light/fan in the center of the ceiling. Longarm is not yet set up so I don't have actual experience with what lighting is actually needed and will wait for final decision until that happens. I didn't purchase $800 option lighting because it seems awfully expensive. I live by myself and would like a fairly easy solution that I can set up or my non-electrician son could set up. I have a couple questions: 1. how much track should I get for a 12' table? 2. What lighting should I consider: LED? halogen? flourescent? 3. 3. Anything else I should consider?
  5. Thank you for the replies. I wish I could click and reply to each comment under your comment but I cannot see an option to do that. So... MaryQuiltsTx the largest quilt I have made to date is 88x98 with a prepared backing of 98x114. Mostly, it seems like I make twin-large twin. But there is always the possibility that a friend might want me to try a larger quilt. PlumPurple and others--what would be the size quilt you can actually quilt on either a 10 ft or 12 ft table? The general concensus from you and others is to go with the larger table. According to Kevin at APQS and some others, one could shorted the rails if needed. "No problem" they say but I doubt it would actually be that easy! I was able to actually see a 12' table in a 14x10 foot room of a friend. It is cramped, of course, but I think doable. I am lucky to have a window with good light exposure so that should also help. At any rate, thanks for the replies. I opted for the 12' and have place my order for the Millie.
  6. I am planning on ordering a Millie and putting it in my guest bedroom which is 14'x10'. I need to know what would be the "best" sized table. I sew in another room so I would have the long arm and small cabinetry or closet for supplies, thread, etc. I plan to get the Quilt Path so don't know how much I would use back side for pantographs. I have never done them and all of this is pretty new to me. The suggestion was to go with the 12' table ("Get the longest one that you can fit in the space" seems to be the universal answer) and use the 2 extra feet to be able to move from front to back. I heard that the fabric advance adds about 8" to the length of the table. According to tat additional information I would have about 16" to move around the table. This seems quite cramped to me. Right now I am not planning on opening a business but would be up to doing quilts for other people or having them come try out the machine. Also what is the largest size quilts that can be done on a 10" table and a 12" table. I am also considering the feeling of the room and generally I like the feel of openness and not feeling jammed into a space. Will a 12' table make me feel to cramped? I would love all the opinions I can get. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am seriously considering purchase of long arm, mostly for personal use. I am looking at ones with computerized systems and have come down to Innova 26" vs Millie. I like a lot of the characteristics of the Millie and have worked a few hours on the Innova after a dealership class and renting. I have not used either Quilt Path or the Innova computer options (or any others) and know nothing about either. The big advantage of an Innova purchase is that the dealer and very experienced tech has his store a mile away. It looks like the machines are fairly similar. Innova dealer says advanced computer system is much better and much like the one found on Gammels (he earlier dealt with them but has switched to Innova). He is offering me a used (9 months and hardly touched) Innova for about $5K less that a new one which makes it about $3K more than a new APQS I am looking at. So do I look at the more expensive Innova with advanced computer system? or the APQS--closest rep is an hour away. II think I like the APQS features better but the appeal of a local tech is very high. The local dealer will help me with APQS also; is't just not his preferred. He only works with Innova, Gammel or APQS so I think I am on the right track for the type and quality of machine I want.
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