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  1. Melinda, do you still have these? If so, what do you want for them? New to long arm quilting and my Millie. Cheri Dobratz Hudson CO
  2. Great resource for newbies!
  3. Thank you for your detailed response! I’m going to check out all of your good tips.
  4. That’s my plan, I’m scheduled for the beginner classes with her after my machine comes. So glad to have a great resource in my region.
  5. I placed my order for a demo Millie last week with Myrna Ficken who is my regional sales rep. However, I’m delaying delivery for the completion of my basement in the next 5-6 weeks. What books, resources, etc. do you recommend to help me hit the ground running after the arrival of this much anticipated machine? Thank you for any tips you would like to share.
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