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  1. I'm sorry it has been sold. I can't figure out how to mark it sold or take it down off the sight. I have tried everything I can see....I'm sorry.
  2. Hello, I am in Des Moines, Iowa. There is an AQPS store right down the street from me, who I have talked with about taking the machine apart and to help with shipping. AQPS has done all the maintenance and servicing of the machine. Thanks for inquiring, please let me know if you have further questions.
  3. APQS Freedom Longarm with 12-foot table – Model Year 2006 $7500 (priced to sale) Features: · APQS Stitch Regulator · Needle Positioner · Single Stitch Button · Laser Light for Pantograph Quilting · Turbo Bobbin Winder · Power Quilt Advance · Fluorescent Light · Leg Height Adjusting Wrench Options Included with the Machine: · Hartley Extended Base and 2 rulers (for ruler work and stitching in the ditch) · Extra Bobbins, needles, bobbin cases · Zipper Quilt Loading System with extra zippers · Horizontal Dual Spool Holder (missing one spool rod and cap) · Rulers Computer Compatible Machine was factory-serviced in June, 2017. (Service completion checklist included). This machine was loved and cared for and is in excellent condition.