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  1. Rebecca525

    APQS George For Sale

    Hello, Still available... anyone interested?
  2. Rebecca525

    APQS George For Sale

    Hello, Below is a list of what is included. I do not have any extra 'feet' for it, just the one it came with. Included: - Manual - Bobbin Winder (George uses Size "L" Bobbins) - Table: dimensions: 60"(L) x24"(W) x27.5"(H) - Table weight: 70lbs - George weight: 55lbs - Serial #: B01907 Year: 2011 APQS: 1 (800) 426-7233 - Has not received any calls regarding problems with this George and I am the 3rd owner. - recommends George be shipped in it's box, which I do not have, but is available thru their on-line store Asking $4,500 CDN, shipping and box NOT included Located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
  3. Selling my APQS George sit-down quilting machine. Excellent Used Condition. Will be serviced prior to sale completion. (My hubby is the area authorized maintenance man for the area.)Asking $3,385. US ($4,500. CDN) shipping NOT included. - Manual- Bobbin Winder (George uses Size "L" Bobbins)- Table: dimensions: 60"(L) x24"(W) x27.5"(H)- Table weight: 70lbs- George weight: 55lbs- Serial #: B01907 Year: 2011Located in Ontario, Canada. Can ship to the States.