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  1. How does the upper thread break sensor on a Millennium affect tension? I was using 40 weight YLI machine quilting cotton on my last quilt, a small horizontally wound spool so I had it on the accessory horizontal spool pin, and I had it wrapped around the upper thread break sensor 3 times as instructed by the little sticker on the machine. I felt like that triple wrap around the thread break sensor wheel was putting a LOT of additional tension on the upper thread, even when I loosened the tension dial to the point that the tension discs were no longer touching. I did experiment with skipping
  2. Is there a batting bar available for the Millie as well? I hate that my batting is down on the floor where there is always, always dog fur no matter how often I vacuum... :-) Rebecca Grace 2013 Millennium
  3. I recently purchased a 2013 Millennium equipped with the L size Smart Bobbin. I'm getting frustrated by how quickly those little bobbins run out -- probably I'm spoiled because my domestic sewing machine for piecing (and what I used for machine quilting prior to getting my longarm) is a Bernina with a giant bobbin that holds twice as much thread as my Millie's bobbin can hold. I have seen some posts on this forum from several years ago indicating that it's possible to order a kit from APQS to switch from one hook system to the other, and I'd like to know more about that option. I emailed AP
  4. First, are you careful to load your batting right side up? Like Dawn Cavanaugh says in her video, remember "dimples up, pimples down." Needle punched battings like the ones you're using should be loaded so that your machine's needle is entering the batting in the same direction that the needle punching was done at the batting factory. Another consideration is thread. I had a similar issue with a Minky backed quilt where I used monofilament to SID and had NO problems with batting poking through, but then when I switched to cotton Aurifil thread for decorative quilting I started to get those
  5. I know it's been a few months since Mona posted this question -- hopefully she has it worked out by now but I wanted to chime in for others who may be facing the same issue. Yes, the tension problems that only happen when you quilt from East to West and South to North (viewed from needle side of the machine) indicate needle flex, but if Mona's problem was due to her timing being off, she would see the problem on all of her quilts -- she says she doesn't have this problem when quilting pantographs. So I'm wondering what is different when she follows pantographs. It's possible that she moves