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  1. Jim, thank you for your input.  I have been watching the forum for used machines, however,  many sellers require the buyer to pick up the machine from a location that is miles from my home in west central Wisconsin. I assume that hauling twelve foot rails would require a trailer.  Also, the  asking price of some used machines is almost the price of new.  Then, I wonder if I should should be looking at a Freddie or Millie, to have the ability to upgrade to "Glide."

  2. Thank you for your response.  I have not long armed before, other than trying out the machines for a few minutes at an APQS show.  There are no dealers in my area to try anything out, especially right now with Covid.  However, I think that I would like long arming. 

    One, plus for Lucey:   I just completed a quilt composed of 12 inch squares on point.  I would not be able to complete one full block using the Gallant/Moxie because of the throat space.  From what I garner, there would only be about an 11 inch width of usable space.  But, I suppose I could divide the block in half and do half at a time.

    It is good to know that you are happy with your Lucey purchase. Maybe that would be my best bet, despite the difference in cost. 


  3. In need of advice.  I am new to long arm quilting and torn between Lucey or the new HQ Moxie (same as Babylock Gallant).  The Moxie costs around $5,000, whereas the Lucey (with Bliss, upgrades, delivery, sales tax) is about $15,000.  (I recently put money down to hold a Lucey during the recent sale.)  The Moxie has a 15 inch throat with a 8 foot table (expandable to 10.)  It includes only the bare essentials, but seems like a solid machine.

    I retired several years ago and began quilting as a hobby and would use the machine to finish my own quilt tops.  I don't really plan on making large size quilts.  I am thinking that if I purchase the smaller Moxie, I might be sorry because of the smaller throat size.  But, for the difference in cost, it might be all that I need.

    Any thoughts?

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