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  1. Is there a way to copy artwork directly into Quilt Path without redrawing?
  2. How do I place a diamond design into a star quilt block? It seems like it has only one position and I can't figure out how to place the points. Thanks.
  3. Is there a way to modify a pattern? I want to split a pattern 1/2, insert a different pattern, then put the second half back. Is this possible?
  4. I've gotten my new Lucey up and running. All I have to say is that either my husband needs to learn how to cook, or I'm cooking once a month. I can stay in my studio all day as long as I have my coffee machine.
  5. I have an 880 plus as well. Have you put it on face book? Depending on what your price is, that has helped me sell the above frame. I'm glad you made a comment, so I can post that it's sold. Good Luck.
  6. Bernina 820 machine plus 10 foot long Grace Frame. Includes the Dell tablet and the software Quilt Motion Touch V3.05.07. Also included are: Pantograph patterns, 14 inch goose neck lamp, Grace Company Speed Control Bernina stitch regulator foot Bernina sewing feet (1C, 1D, 4D, 5, 20C, 37D) Bernina slide on table Presser foot lifter Soft Cover, Accessory Box (I always called this the Barbie accessory box), Magnifying glass tool, Height compensation tool, Monitoring mirror, Hook cleaning tool , 4 extra bobbins, Touchscreen pen Additional Bernina Needles, assorted sizes Adjustable quides Small screwdriver Cording attachment Seam Guide for Slide on table Presser foot for sewing I'm in the Katy, Texas area (west side of Houston) and will give you lessons on the machine and the quilt software. Pick up only. I just had the machine serviced at local Bernina shop. Price $4500 (this includes the tablet and software). Additional pictures to follow with the accessories.
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