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  1. Every once in a while on the current quilt that I'm working on, I get a few longer stitches. I don't know how better to explain it. I'll be stitching along and the machine will "slow down" for a few stitches. My machine is a 2004 Liberty.
  2. Ok, Ginny...you can email me with any questions at sandra.croley@gmail.com
  3. I've had my Liberty for almost fifteen years now, and still love it! I'm now contemplating adding either the Intelliquilter or Quilt Path. My question....since the Liberty is a smaller model, do you find the hardware "fits" nicely? Hmm, not really sure how to phrase the question in a better way.
  4. I have the following Circle Lord Templates for sale. All amounts in US$ plus shipping, I will ship by UPS from Southern Ontario, Canada. Circle Thingy $75, Featherz $45, Aztec $45, Mini Aztec $35, Heartz $35, Gingko $40, 13" Crosshatch $35, Curved Crosshatch $65, mini Clamshell $65, Spiral $35 and Featherz Border $35. You can email me at sandra.croley@gmail.com Thanks!
  5. I have the following Circle Lord giant templates for sale....all king-size... Egyptian Eye, Water (sold), 7 Treasures of Buddha(sold pending shipping), Swirls12, Square Dance, Clamshells (sold), Rope, Baptist Fan singles. They are priced at $175US each, plus shipping. I am in Southern Ontario, Canada and will ship by UPS.
  6. I'm wanting to sell many of my Circle Lord templates and wonder if there is much of a market for them? I am in Southern Ontario, Canada, but will ship anywhere. Just curious before I list the ones I'd like to sell. TIA
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