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  1. Hi, thanks Jim. I agree with you. I love my stitch regulator, when I ordered my Millie in 04. The rep said it was a smart add on, so I did it. If I may, how long have you been Quilting? I met a wonderful man at a sewing shop, and he was a big help to me when I first got into this. He and his wife would let me come over and use his long arm to see if I would really like it. I wish they still lived here. Anyway, thanks again. In learning the price of the units..wow.. It would be a while before I could afford one. Again thanks, sorry to blather, don't really have anyone to talk with about this stuff. Thanks for listening and answering honestly.
  2. Thanks for the honesty..I tend to think differently I have a lot of construction background, reading prints and doing take offs, so I was curious about the different units. Just starting the information gathering, not to keen on anything that will not let me "check it out " before I buy it. It's just a website, really!!! Again thanks, I always learn something from you Sue.
  3. I am new to this forum. I have also been out of quilting due to medical things. But I am back..yay. I absolutely prefer forum based sites. To me, FB is, a swimming pool of insanity, and yes wanna- be's... The day I joined here, 24 hrs ago..lol..I have gained more real information, and answers to questions, that tailed the original questions, imagine that. You all are very helpful, and as in would call it..old school. And that's my cup of joe...(big smiles) So on that happy note, looking into a auto system...let's hear it..IQ .. quilt path..I want to be able to bounce from manual to auto, do not want it to be a mine field of things just to , say, shift gears..not sure if anyone in my area has these systems, i am willing to travel to learn and open to any help, no matter the distance..well, Hawaii would be a bit much..:) I also would like to say, you all here do seem to "care" when someone posts and needs help. How refreshing in these days of.. Again, thank you , one and all, And can I install it myself as I am have no "working" reps in my area.
  4. Hey Bonnie, yes, it was packaged and sold as quilt batting. I also 'found' one when I went through my containers after my respet..ha ha Some other forums I have checked out trying to locate that particular batting, some said a few negative things about 3M, therefore they stopped selling it and you could now only get the pre crosshatched for like clothing. I dont know..glad someone has and remembers, that batting. Thanks Bonnie
  5. Hi..does anyone know or remember a batting called Thinsulate by 3M?
  6. Hello ladies, I am new to the forum. How cool, one of my questions I was going to ask, I just read the post about upgrading..yeah My Millie is a 2004, I was also looking to add the path computer..any thoughts? Looking forward to 2019 Happy New Year's to all :)
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