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  1. But which one? There’s 3.
  2. Ok. I’m just nervous about buying one and it not fitting. if you want to make me one I won’t complain :p
  3. I’m looking at the base extenders in the website, but I’m not sure which one I would get for the ultimate 2. I’m guessing it would be this one since I don’t have a thread cutter.
  4. I bought it from APQS and it did NOT come with instructions :/
  5. Great!!! Thanks. I will be ordering from apqs.
  6. Are there instructions somewhere?
  7. What is this part called? i found it (motor belt) Is it tough to replace?
  8. I have an ultimate 2, and 3 bobbins. I NEED more. I’m pretty sure they’re L style, the ones in the shop do not look like mine. And when I try to search on amazon I’m not sure they’re right. i have attached a picture of mine. One side is flat and the other has holes. thank you.
  9. I have a black and decker one I love. I wanted one without a teflon bottom, and I wanted the point to be a point not with a little bump it in (hope that makes sense).
  10. sewcute

    motor smells

    It was warm. But it’s also chilly here and my machine is in the garage. I will check the drive belt.
  11. I LOVE leader grips!! If you are buying them off of her site she has them listed if you are buying for a set of 3 rollers or 2 rollers. I personally would be 2 since I float my top.
  12. sewcute

    motor smells

    Ok thank you so much!
  13. sewcute

    motor smells

    800.426.7233 is that the number? What are their hours? I didn't know if I could call them since I am the third owner of this machine. Thanks
  14. you can also email apqs they will email you a copy of the manual.