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    Looking for new iron

    I have a black and decker one I love. I wanted one without a teflon bottom, and I wanted the point to be a point not with a little bump it in (hope that makes sense).
  2. sewcute

    motor smells

    I recently acquired an Ultimate II machine. I used it about a week ago, and just kind of tested it out (with flannel and batting). Tonight I started my first quilt. As I was using it tonight the motor smelled. As you can see by the pictures the motor is fairly new (11/17). Is this a motor issue? or did I have the speed turned up to high? Thank you
  3. sewcute

    motor smells

    It was warm. But it’s also chilly here and my machine is in the garage. I will check the drive belt.
  4. sewcute

    leader grippers

    I LOVE leader grips!! If you are buying them off of her site she has them listed if you are buying for a set of 3 rollers or 2 rollers. I personally would be 2 since I float my top.
  5. sewcute

    motor smells

    Ok thank you so much!
  6. sewcute

    motor smells

    800.426.7233 is that the number? What are their hours? I didn't know if I could call them since I am the third owner of this machine. Thanks
  7. sewcute

    Apqs ultimate 11

    you can also email apqs they will email you a copy of the manual.
  8. sewcute

    tell me! Help

    You can use a zig zag stitch. That's the way they taught us before they let us use a serger.
  9. I enjoy the forum, but there's just not as much chatter here as on facebook
  10. sewcute

    Ultimate 2

    I tried searching, but most of the posts I got were posts that were for sale. I just got an Ultimate 2 (II). I asked in a long arm group on facebook and they told me to come here! I am so excited to use this machine!! I haven't finished getting it set up yet. (I just got it Saturday). I have used long arms before, (a gammill & an HQ avanté) renting the time at a quilt shop. But I decided when I was able to afford a long arm, I would be getting an APQS, (I really want a millenium) But this is going to be somewhere to start! I was wondering if anyone knows of a stitch regulator I can add to it now? I know intellistitch doesn't do them anymore. Any other suggestions/tips for me? (I know I need to get some sewing machine oil, I think figured out needles, (I found some on amazon). But I cannot think of anything else!)
  11. sewcute

    Ultimate 2

    I had seen your pictures, but wasn't sure where you had gotten them. Thanks
  12. sewcute

    Ultimate 2

    Those were the only ones I could find. I took some pictures of my machine & carriage. I feel like mine looks different than yours. . . Thanks for your help.
  13. sewcute

    Ultimate 2

    These wheels?
  14. sewcute

    Ultimate 2

    Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out!
  15. sewcute

    Ultimate 2

    The only reason I didn't think it would work is because it says this on their webpage " We no longer offer IntelliStitch as an after-market upgrade." I can call them and find out though. How would I find out what kinds of wheels are stock or if they are aftermarket? I was looking through the manual (the one I asked them to email me, not the original one) and it showed a different carriage than the one in the pictures. Thank you!