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  1. You are not late, cause it's still not fixed :/ I figured out how to adjust it (the needle needed to be in the DOWN position) I missed that!


    They recently sent them, I will try moving the needle down a smidge.  After going through and adjusting the bobbin, etc for the timing it still won't stitch, so I am hoping moving the needle helps :/

  2. I have an Ultimate 2.  It wasn't stitching.  So I followed most of the timing video.  except for adjusting the needle bar.  When I put the flathead screw driver in there, I don't feel anything to "screw".  Am I missing something? (Yes the screw driver is long enough, I bought a long one.)

  3. I recently acquired an Ultimate II machine.  I used it about a week ago, and just kind of tested it out (with flannel and batting).  Tonight I started my first quilt.  As I was using it tonight the motor smelled. 

    As you can see by the pictures the motor is fairly new (11/17). 

    Is this a motor issue? or did I have the speed turned up to high?

    Thank you



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