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  1. I think there is one on ebay. I have seen a few on Craigslist too.
  2. That is good advice Jim. Thank you!
  3. I don't own a Discovery, but my DH found one that is very affordable. I know it doesn't have a stitch regulator and was trying to find a way to make it possible.....but I'm thinking maybe not.
  4. Husband driving this question....but can anyone tell me if a Discovery machine can have stitch regulation added? If it was computerized would that solve the no stitch regulation? Thank you in advance for the help!
  5. I understand that friendship, as I had one of those long distance ones too. My dear friend died from cancer as well. She has been gone almost 10 years & I still tear up thinking of her. I know how you feel & send you love, prayers & good thoughts to help you through this time.
  6. Looking for a Millie, Freddie or Lucey! One within driving distance of the mid-south (6-8 hours max)!

    1. NollR


      Have you found a Lenni machine yet? Where are you located?

    2. ORNurse56


      I am in north MS.

  7. Did you sell this machine?
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