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  1. My needle is not picking up the bobbin thread on my Qnique 14+. I have set the timing, which seems fine, but now this. Any suggestions?
  2. I have a Qnique14+ machine and was quilting along when suddenly the needle came out and the machine suddenly stopped. Now the wheel won't turn and the buttons don't move the needle up or down. I took the needle plate off expecting to find the bottom end of the broken needle, but don't see it. Any suggestions?
  3. I have a Qnique 14+, and was quilting along and suddenly the needle fell out causing the machine to stop suddenly. I replaced the needle, but now the wheel won't turn and the buttons won't move the needle up or down.. I have taken the needle plate off, thinking the broken piece of needle was wedged, but don't see it.. Any suggestions?
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