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  1. No, just got stuck in the fabric,. I will try and check it as you say. I assume you mean that you can see the eye and a bit of silver by looking underneath from the bobbin side. Thanks.!
  2. I double checked - not in backwards and it doesn't make any abnormal sounds. There is thread looped underneath so now i am thinking it is a tension problem. The thread is the top thread color. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  3. I thought maybe that was the case. The bend goes forward and the scooped out part goes in the back - that is my understanding and that is the way I put it in. Maybe the needles are different in some way. Perhaps I will try turning it around. Would it also not sew if it wasn't perfectly straight? Thanks
  4. I had a needle break and replaced the needle. Now the machine works but no stitches, I checked the needle position and the bobbin but have no idea what to do now. Any suggestions