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  1. Due to downsizing / moving, I need to sell my used APQS Millennium longarm. I purchased it in November 2014 and I am the second owner. It is my understanding that the first owner purchased it at Road to California and that is a circa 2003 model. The first quilter used it for less than 100 hours. My body of quilting work can be found on my website Quilting Jetgirl and the majority of the quilts I have made since 2015 have been quilted by this machine (I still use my domestic machine for a few - mostly smaller - projects each year). My husband and I are both engineers and have serviced the machine since my purchase. I have the APQS box for the head in storage, so in the need of transport or shipping it will be as protected as originally shipped. Pickup in Tehachapi, CA. I am asking $6500 OBO. Features 10' frame (it needs to occupy approximately 130" x 48" of floor space with room to move in front and behind) On-demand Automatic Stitch Regulator Throat size allows quilting 18" before the need to advance Voltage 120V (50/60 Hz) Standard APQS hopping foot Power fabric advance with foot pedal control Electronic channel locks for both horizontal and vertical straight-line quilting On board bobbin winder Also comes with laser light that can be bolted on for pantograph use (we have plugged in the laser to verify working function) The first owner purchased a leader zipper system, but it has never been installed Assorted spare parts including an additional bobbin case Acrylic table extension that can be easily slipped on for ruler work and a straight edge acrylic ruler