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  1. Ruthie, I picture saves a million words, or something like that. I appreciate the before and pictures and the detailed explanations on using spray starch and steam. This method sure looks like a life saver technique. Char
  2. Caron, Very nice job. I have one of these in my stack to quilt and you gave me some ideas. I'm not great on feathers, still practicing, but I can see what might give me some help is marking a quilt first. Thanks for sharing, Char
  3. Hi, I ditto that. Love the examples. Char
  4. Joanne, You did a great job with the digitizing. Your customer should be pleased. Are you enjoying the Compuquilter? I am saving to buy one hopefully next year at MQS. Char
  5. Hi Joy, I use the machine business quilters program. This allows you to make invoices, keep track of what is going on and what you have done in the past. Here is the website: I found this program to be easy friendly. I have seen posts where others have used Quicken or Quick books. I just liked this program because it is geared to long arm quilting and seemed to have already established categories for everything I needed. Char
  6. Square quilts, I rejoice when I get one as they seem to be far and between. I am embarrassed to say that even my own pieced quilts are not square and I do know how to put on borders. I found that pin basting the sides, using the new centering long arm tape helps to keep the quilt square. Char
  7. I just adore the cat quilts. I had to chuckle at the cats with shoes as I feel my cat walks all over me. Char
  8. Hi Cathy, I am so not handy and I was able to figure out how to install the hydraulic lift. From what I understand, the one that APQS sells now is different from the original one. This one has good instructions and either your rep or you should have no problem setting it up. Good choice to protect your back. Char
  9. Hi, I have seen the Baptist Fans do both, touch the previous row and not touch. If you do a search on community webshots, you can see some excellent examples. Char
  10. Hi Shirl, What I have done with success: - use a thread sock - when threading the thread, don't use all the holes above the tension dial, just one - loosen the tension quite a bit - used a poly bobbin thread (I use BOBs) _used a 3.5 needle. Char
  11. Hi, When I initially bought my Millie, my local dealer also told me that I didn't need to spend the $ on the hydraulic lift as I was the only one using the machine. Well, I regretted not getting it and finally bought it two years later. It is nice to raise it up when I am loading a quilt, when I decide to sit and quilt or for close up work. I find that changing the height of the table helps my back also. I feel that it was one of the wisest investments I have made, after purchasing the Millie of course. Char
  12. What a beautiful job. I see I will be spending some time at your website enjoying your work. Char
  13. Teresa, Gorgeous!!! The back does make a wonderful whole cloth design. Now there are two great quilts in one. Char
  14. Pamela, Congrats on your wise decision. You will have some exciting times ahead. Remember to take breaks and don't forget to breathe. Have some fun and play, play, play. Char
  15. Hi, I saw an ad for Sew Batik's Associate Program for longarmers. Has anyone used this service, pros or cons? I currently do not stock any backings but can see the need. Thanks, Char
  16. Hi, I got the 12foot table because that was all the room I had. Remember you can put one end of the machine next to the wall and only walk around on one side. I would get the largest size that you can comfortable walk around. Why not wait on the HF and CL until you have your machine and begin stitching. You can then determine what type of quilting you like and then make a more educated decision. You may find that you like working on the freehand side of the machine more than the other side and wouldn't enjoy either one. Once you feel comfortable with the machine, see if anyone in your area has the HF or CL. Trying them both out will help in your decision. One thing I didn't buy until I had my machine for 2 years was the hydraulic lift. Sure wish I had bought that in the beginning. It is so nice to be able to adjust the height with a push of a button to accomodate what height I desire for the different type of quilting. Best wishes, Char
  17. Hi, It would be great to have a local person that you could call on to do service. But in the meantime, APQS does offer a maintenance course. The APQS maintenance course covered all kinds of things and I would highly recommend it. I was initially intimidated doing anything beyond basic cleaning on the machine and now feel comfortable taking things apart and more importantly getting them back the way they should be. Char
  18. Hi Chuck, You picked a great design to use on an older quilt. I can see why the customer loved the quilting. Thanks for sharing, Char
  19. Hi Patty Jo, What a great room. I love all the natural light you will get in the room. With the views out of the window, I don't see how you could bored. Thanks for sharing. I love looking at other peoples studios and dream of the day when I can design my own rather than force fitting a room. Char
  20. What a great view. This will make a fantastic quilt. It is just calling out for some hand dyed fabrics. Should be a lot of fun to make this. Char
  21. I would basically do what Leslie recommended but would add the following: I would stabilize the inside border with SID and would stitch around the applique. If you are worried about doing the SID, use invisible thread for both the SID and around the edge of the applique. Pin the outside border (edges) as you go along. Measure the quilt with every turn to see that the quilt is remaining square. You may need to work in some fullness thru the baptist fan part so that the borders lay flat. That is assuming that the borders started out flat. With the crosshatching, I wouldn't be turning the quilt. I would do the crosshatch in the area exposed after doing the baptist fan portion. Char
  22. Bobbi, I, too, use the TOWA gauge for the bobbins. In the meanwhile, try tightening up the top tension a bit. As for the carriage part, I don't have a ULT but I know with the Millie that you can raise the carriage by adding washers to the wheels. Maybe that would help you. Char
  23. Sheri, Very nice table topper. With the fall weather sneaking in on us, it is timely. You did a great job with the crosshatching. Char
  24. Hi Ruthie, You did a great job. I like the back of the quilt. You like the idea of quilting a posy in each block. Char
  25. Hi, If you show the decorator the inside seams of a garment and explain that is what serging looks like, they will realize that isn't what they want. Here is a link to doing binding and piping to give you an idea: Best wishes, Char