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  1. Reason the Surface 3 isn't upgradeable - maybe it is technically possible but it depends on the amount of RAM. The current owner wasn't able to upgrade it. The specs on the Surface 3 indicate they came configured with either 2GB or 4GB RAM, not expandable because it is soldered to the board. 4GB RAM, that's pretty low for a modern OS and won't leave much available resources for any software - like Quilt Path - to run. 2GB: that upgrade isn't going to happen. I don't know which RAM configuration is on the 3 that is up for sale. Back to my original question: If I were to upgrade to a n
  2. Hi, I'm considering buying a machine listed here in the forums. I'm in touch with the owner. It has Quilt Path now and it's on a Surface Pro 3 which is so old it can't be upgraded to Windows 10. When I've used Quilt Path at the local APQS dealer's studio I've noticed it is incredibly slow and it's crashed and the response was that was pretty normal. I worry about this because it was a simple border to border pattern, not that dense, and the quilt was only queen sized. I assume the tablets in the studio are newer than 3rd Generation. So my question is this: if I decide to go ahead a