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  1. Any advice would be wonderful. The wife is terribly frustrated with this 12" table with bliss vibrating to the point of her hands are falling asleep and the quilt is bouncing up and down while quilting. She has tried several speeds, threads, and different tension settings on the quilt. Her table does not have the auto advance on it so it is done by hand. She partially floats all her quilts. Thank You Jerry
  2. Hello, My wife owns a Lucey on a 12' table. She has been experiencing terribly vibrating and the quilt bouncing up and down while quilting. I have leveled the table so many times and it is right on spot with being level. The two pieces of table top vibrate so badly and loudly and even separate in the middle due to the heavy vibration. This is a machine that was purchased as a demo from APQS 2 years ago. Can someone please give some advice as to why this is happening? Or maybe what we could possibly try? Thank You Jerry Randell