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  1. Linda, I now have a groovy board, and I thought I had a stylus that would work, but it doesn't. Can you give me some advice about how and where to look for a smaller stylus that will fit in the bracket? Thank you so much. Sherilyn
  2. Thank you for that explanation. It all makes sense now. I just ordered some boards from Urban Elementz. I guess they will be made by Ron. :o) I will add that I had multiple e-mail exchanges with Urban Elementz beginning Sunday night, with quick responses from them, and a final answer on Monday morning, Memorial Day. I was impressed with that customer service.
  3. Thank you. I was hoping to find a website that was specific to R&S.
  4. I have been unable to find a website to look at R&S Design boards. Can anyone help me with a web address? Thanks. Sherilyn
  5. I am looking to add to my design board collection. I have a few Circle Lord boards which I am very pleased with. I am looking at some Urban Elementz designs. Has anyone used design boards from this company? Will my Circle Lord stylus work with them?
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