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  1. Does anyone else wish that there were "wheel" handles at the end of the rails to help advance the quilts? I have just a basic frame with no motorized advance and I find it hard to advance the quilt easily with no place to grab onto. I wish my 2019 Lenni had those wheel handles like they have on Gammill machine frames. Has anyone added them? Thanks!
  2. Thank you Gail! Fellow longarmers are so helpful!
  3. I recently saw a picture of someone with a quilt loaded and She had a bungie cord with beads on it stretched across her top. Does anyone know what it is for and if there is a source for it? It looks like it would be helpful in keeping your quilt square, but not sure. Thanks!
  4. I think vertical straight lines would be good. "Straight as an Arrow" Beautiful quilt!
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