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  1. One of the patterns, Clamshells have sold. The ad has been edited to remove them.
  2. 12ea refers to the quantity. There are 12 of them at $20 ea.
  3. They are $20 ea plus shipping. The entire stack of 12 would take 2ea USPS Game Box to fit properly and would ship for $20ea. 10 templates or less would fit in a single USPS Game box.
  4. Quilt following templates from Quilt-EZ.com Follow the Grooves to a Perfect Pattern. Templates let any quilter create a perfect pattern. Follow the groove on the board and trace your way to an easier pattern. Each board is made of ABS plastic and is 3/16ths inch thick. The grooves in each board are 1/8th inch wide. These templates have never been used and in original wrapping. 3 patterns are provided: Crosshatch, 2 templates, T06-057A Open Swirl, 3 templates, T06-186A Open Meander, 3 templates, T06-180A $20 shipping anywhere in U.S.
  5. $700 A Baby Lock BLE8 in like new condition. Rarely used. It will serge up to 8 threads simultaneously. Amazing threader uses air to route the thread. The cutter is razor sharp and makes a perfect edge. Many stitch types (23 in the quick start guide) and will interlock up to 8 threads. The machinery looks perfect internally, dust free and no evidence of use. It ran flawlessly during our test of it. We made a video of this test. See a video of it in action here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/bqU67KsMrR1nXiRu6 Includes manual, workbook, quick reference threading guide, machine cover, binding foot, threader and many tools. We prefer it be picked up here in Orange County, CA but we can ship for the shipping cost.
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