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  1. Yes, I realize that's an old topic, still decided to share a piece of advice. Just in case someone will stuck upon this thread with the same question. I think you need to look at how it feels in your hand. They have a little different feel to them - and It depends on the person, also the size of your hand. Go to a quilt shop and ask to hold them like you are going to use them. I use Fiskars (two different sizes), and have never had trouble with them. I started with them because they were more cost effective even than Olfa (which is another good brand: both the cutter itself and replacement blades). Though I know a lot of sewists who prefer Martelli, but they are so expensive comparing to other options. So once again, it will take some time to choose a cutter with a proper handle, try it first before ordering one. Just in case: whichever brand you choose, please, be extreeeeemely careful with the blades - they are as sharp as surgical tools! A good friend of mine got some stitches because of it.
  2. Greetings, ladies! As my old faithful Rowenta just died in front of me, I came here to ask - do you have any luck with modern sewing irons? Which brand would you recommend? I am in desperate need of a new iron, so I'd love to get your opinions on the best (or worst) ones for sewing and quilting. Preferences?... well, I like an iron that has some weight to it, holds temperature and steams without spewing water on my fabric. I've already checked some reviews and recommendations, though, most of them are Rowentas (but as I found newer models usually have leakage issues) or brands I've never heard of - like CHI? Some of them look interesting, though. Your advice is much appreciated. upd: decided to try CHI after some considerations, since it does have a retractable cord, so far so good. Bought it at Friday, so far so good.
  3. I think there are a lot of great brands out there - you have to figure out what's right for you. I hated that answer when I was shopping for a long arm, but it's true. I'm a little bias since I'm an APQS owner, but I have also done A LOT of research and it's my personal favorite. I worked with Innova a couple of years ago, and it moves easily and smoothly in all directions, it's easy to adjust stitches, and the stitch regulator is great. The stitch quality is excellent, tension is easy to adjust, and I've run a number of different threads with no problems. But I found the APQS easier to handle. Don't ask me why, because I have no idea. It just somehow 'felt better'. I also got smooth and fairly consistent lines much quicker on the APQS. Can't say anything about Millie, though, since I've never tested it.
  4. Any updates on this? We would be glad to take it (with a foot you've ordered, if it's still available). A friend of mine is asking, since she have a similar frame and looking for a proper machine. And Evan, what about yours - does it have a foot or that's a machine only? Thanks in advance!
  5. Looks adorable! Love the pattern as well, so came to say thanks for sharing.
  6. Maybe that's not quite on topic, but have you considered a donation as an option? If you have spare quilts you don't like/don't know what to do with them, you can give them a second chance this way. For instance, the Quilts of Valor is currently my favorite charity quilting at this time. And also it will be a very rewarding thing to do.
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