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  1. Yes the Millie is still available. No I won't just sell the base expander. It goes with the machine.
  2. Yes it's still available. It's a 12 foot frame it also has stitch regulation, fabric advance, bobbin winder, Hartley base expander and clamp supports, needles and thread also. I live in Indiana. My cell phone number is 574-371-7152. Your welcome to test drive the machine. I'm willing to negotiate the price.
  3. Where are you located?

    What Year is your Millie?

    1. DonnaL


      My Millie is  2008.   I"m reducing the price to 7500.00.  I'm located in Indiana.  The only reason I'm selling it is because of health and we are downsizing. 

  4. SOLD!!! Selling due to downsizing and health. If any question please feel free to ask. Accessories are Hartley clamp supports, and Hartley base Expander. Willing to talk price.
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