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  1. Thank you Cagey The picture is of the backing. I did plan on calling after work tomorrow. Barb
  2. I am running King Tut thread on top and in bobbin. The quilt back is a cuddle knit fabric. I loosened the bobbin tension and top tension. Now the stitches on top are a bit loopy, top thread poking through bottom, and thread breaks. Should I keep loosing the top tension, or the bobbin tension. Not sure which one to adjust. Thanks!
  3. I have King Tut thread in bobbin and top thread. Top thread is poking thru bottom and top thread keeps breaking. I am sewing on a practice thought I had it and started to Quilt. Should I keep adjusting the top thread? Or bobbin. The top thread is bubbled, loose too. Help...
  4. Is the foot that comes with Lenni a ruler foot?
  5. I just ordered my Lennie!! Looking at the Harley base for ruler quilting. What is the difference between the thread cutter and no thread cutter base?