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  1. Where is the picture? Would love to see it
  2. Does anyone have a vertical cone thread holder for sale? Hoping to fine one less than buying a new one.
  3. How much just for the Lucy? I'm not interested in the Quilt Path unless you need to sell it together sewbobby@yahoo.com
  4. Is your Lucey still for sale? Please email me or call if it is still for sale sewbobby@yahoo.com 623-606-6592
  5. Is the Lucey still available? If it is please email me at sewbobby@yahoo.com or phone me 623-606-6592
  6. Is your Lucey still available. If it is please email me privately at sewbobby@yahoo.com
  7. Is your Lucey still available? Does it have the Standard or Deluxe Table, Power advance? If it is please email me Privately at sewbobby@yahoo.com
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