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  1. Thank you Debbie! Yes, the long boards work fine on my machine. My machine throat space is 20" and the table for pantographs and grooved boards is 19". I want to use the Circle Lord Basic Circle System that makes a lot of circles that hooks to the panto/boards table. As I have been doing more research, it seems that the cross bar could be the limiting factor since my table is only 19" and most of the larger APQS machines are on a wider frame. Unless someone knows how to adjust the crossbars and make them smaller on the Circle Lord Basic Circle System. Kind Regards, Nicole
  2. Hi there! I would like to buy a previously loved Circle Lord basic system that was on an APQS machine. I am trying to figure out if it would fit my HQ Studio2 frame. The frame has an inner diameter of 19" for the back table. Also, someone mentioned on an older post that the crossbars can be adapted. If this is possible, does anyone know how to do that? I would call Circle Lord, but they have gone out of business. Thank you in advance for any information/advice. Kind Regards, Nicole
  3. Bruce, I am interested in pics of what you have, prices and shipping to US. My email is dominos5972@hotmail.com. Thank you. Nicole
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