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  1. Hi, I have running Dacron wrap business, now I want to find local partner to work together promoting our product to Euro and American markets, do you have any friends who are interested in it? Please leave comments if you have further questions. Thanks.
  2. If you have other good ideas about Dacron Warp Wadding, please feel free to share with us. Thanks
  3. What's Pros and Cons of Dacron wrap(wadding) ? Cushion Dacron Warp Due to its structural principle and manufacturing process, the Dacron wrap(wadding) has the characteristics of porosity, high bulkiness, warm compression, high compression resilience, dry and wet washing, light weight, softness and comfort. In recent years, Dacron wrap(wadding) is widely used in various living environment, It has become an important non-woven fabric for processing cotton-wise products such as cotton clothes, space suits, cushion quilts and sleeping bags. Dacron wrap(wadding) is made from 100% polyester fiber. Since It is synthesized by a series of process from combing, spraying to ironing, Its Cons include fluffy, high compression and elasticity, dry and wet washing, light weight and warmth so It come to warmth and tensile strength, rebound, moisture-proof, washable and other characteristics. Regards to its cons the hygroscopicity could become an issue when using it for the elderly and children.