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  1. Yes, this is still available. Feel free to ask me any questions. thanks, Julie
  2. Yes, I’ve got a used Quilt Path for sale. You can email me at julielee77494@gmail.com.
  3. Yes, I would ship to Canada. You would be responsible for the shipping charge. I’m in Louisiana.
  4. Hi Tammy, I’m selling the software and the belt that goes with the software to move the machine. My table is a 12 foot blissed table and that is not for sale. I’m also including the carriage that goes with the software. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. Selling Quilt Path! This item is still available. Up to date QP system for a Millie, 12 ft blissed out, deluxe table.
  6. Quilt path for sale, it is current on a 12 Bliss table. $6500.00 + shipping. It is updated and was purchased in Nov 2019. 361-537-0570 or julielee77494@gmail.com UPDATE: Quilt Path has been sold. Thanks!
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