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  1. Marymark, in case you are "schedule-challenged" like some of us, there is an on-line beginning quilting class starting at Quilt University on September 3. Check out for details With online classes you can quilt in your jammies if you want to...
  2. I am so glad I'm not the only "machine collector". At this point I have (in order of age) a turn of the century (19th-20th) treddle machine, an Eldridge Rotary (1915 but waiting for the doctor) a 1928 singer portable I use for classes (not a featherweight ), my grandmother's Nelco (circa 1963) I use for piecing, a Singer Futura for embroidery and fancy stitches and my new APQS Freedom. My husband thinks I am nuts, but each has it's strengths and weaknesses (Just like the rest of us I guess)
  3. Linda, I don't mean to butt in, which class are you taking?If it is a Quilt University class, you can work on the lesson any time after it opens until the classroom closes (Usually more than a month later) I printed off each lesson for my EQ5 EasyDraw class, partly to have as a "forever" reference,, but also so I could do the lesson without swithing between on-screen pages of QU & EQ5.
  4. Sammi, Yes, I actually did learn alot. I'm pretty good at reading instructions so I had done most of the "getting started" exercises. I just couldn't get past it being a fancy paper and pencil.. you know draw a line here, draw a line there... This class was tought by Fran Gonzales and she did a great job of helping me think "outside the box" and see how a tool or technique could be used. A big focus was how to analyze a block so you could draw it. What I liked best is that the classroom opened on Saturday and will stay open for a while, so I could do the lessons on Sunday or when I have time. Fran is also very good about answering questions or problems that you may have. QU offers lots of different classes on EQ5 This was just beginning in EasyDraw.
  5. Thanks for mentioning the class. I will be joining you in the Quilting business class. I have just finished an EQ5 design class that has was great. I'm looking forward to the business class even more now. "See" you there.
  6. Thanks for all the info. Gee, another reason to go shopping... how awfull... And I've already learned (the hard way) to always order 2 cones per color. My first quilt was a huge quilt for a friend and I would load all the bobbins I had... re-thread the machine, quilt, load more bobbins, re-thread the machine... you get the picture. Up-side is I am really really good at threading the machine LOL
  7. Help... I am trying to get set up to actually open for business and have been completely overwhelmed by THREADS... I have started getting an idea of the size and fiber I like (or that my machine likes) by trying out the samples that came with my Freedom and some cones I got for my own quilts. But, what colors shoud I stock to start??? Are there any sure things? I am asssuming white and/or beige are pretty safe. My big concern is it takes about a week to get an order, so picking from the color chart is possible, but if the color is wrong, then I've lost another week (but I do have that cone for next time). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. You are right about the undervalued tops. I have purchased a few to practice on. I think this gives me a better idea of what it will be like to get quilts from customers. If I piece the top, I can plan the quilting as I go. The tops I buy I have no "personal" connection to. I plan to sell the finished quilts, so as long as I cover the cost of the top, backing and something extra, I can actually get paid to practice... That's the plan anyway.
  9. Birgit, The quilt is amazing. I am new to long-arm quilting (I've done one quilt so far) and to this board (I've been lurking for a bit). One question, did you use different colors on the flying geese? The picture of the back looks like the "up" ones are one thread and the "down" ones are another. Is that hard to keep track of while you are quilting? Also, you can get back issues of QNM on their website and all issues from 1999 are available except Jan/Feb and July/Aug. Hope those aren't the one you are looking for. Leslie