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  1. Isn't it dark, you can't cut grass until morning...or does your lawnmower have headlights???
  2. Your quilt and quilting look great. Think of it as a practice exercise in those design techniques and know that the "oops" don't jump out at you.
  3. I heard great things about the new CL templates at MQX, but they were gone by the time I got to the booth. Oh Miiiichaelllll... We want pictures
  4. That's beautiful! and I love how creative you got with the CL
  5. The press & seal is a great idea. I just had one to do and I marked the flange placement on the plastic covering the panto with a dry erase marker. Then drew little arrows at the places I had to stop and tuck the flange under the foot. Only missed once.
  6. That is so pretty. It would take me way longer than 3.5 hours.
  7. OK, I am REALLY bad at drawing with my mouse...I want a tablet... but here goes. How about adding to the angularity with radiating lines and then adding chunks of every filler you can think of.
  8. Lib, This will sound really silly, but sometimes I have a similar problem... fine tension test and then hard to pull when bringing the thread up. I use Bottom Line almost all the time- top and bobbin. When it happens, usually the thread has some how gotten caught on the latch part of the bobbin know the little handle that you use to remove the bobbin case. I don't know if it is the thinner thread or static or what. When it happens, I make a point of holding the thread tail between my pinkie and ring finger as I'm inserting the bobbin case.
  9. Until you get your Ottlite ... You do have to be careful not to let the bulb get too close to the take-up rail. The glare of 40 watt bulb is blocked by the machine head. It's not pretty but it works and the price was right.
  10. If you are using a stencil, try a mixture of the black light chalk and miracle chalk (half and half or so) in a pounce pad. It works really well on white or light fabrics.
  11. Linda, There are pictures on this thread The Triangle Fun and Round Trip-squared are not on the Sew Batik website yet, but you can order them by phone.
  12. And the airfare is sometimes cheaper if you stay over a Saturday night.
  13. I use around 4-5 on my non-SR Freedom for SID and Applique. I think my speed dial is different, it goes from 1-10. And from those (few) of us that don't have an SR, welcome to a whole new world.
  14. The tough part is deciding on the Tuxedo colorway or Deep Wisteria.
  15. Thanks Jim, My friend is brand new to longarming and I think this is a great machine for her. When we went to look at it I was really impressed by how smooth it is. Maybe I'm a purist (or a sadist) but I think it's good for her to learn the basics on a completely manual machine and then decide what she might want or need to add. One question, I wanted to check the motor brushes and couldn't find them. Any hints?
  16. This cute little machine is on it's way to a new home in Downeast Maine. It's new "Mom" is very excited.
  17. Hi Birgit, The covers are great, but the quilts are even better in person, you did a lovely job. Diane sent me the spec sheet on the new kits since there were questions here after their debut at MQX. She is working to get them on the website, but I imagine she's running from show to show right now. She did say the kits can be ordered by phone.
  18. I would suggest you carefully read through ALL of the instruction manual for the Babylock. A friend just got what she thought was a great deal on a Viking machine (Mega quilter I think) She had some questions about loading quilts and came to see my APQS. We went through her manual and it actually said to quilt half of the quilt, pin baste and turn the quilt around to do the rest because of the bulk and weight of a full size quilt! Another big question is does the Babylock have a presser foot or a hopping foot?
  19. I like Glide for times that I want a bit of shine and a bit heavier look, but Bottom Line is still my go-to thread. I think the price on Glide is good and the $35 minimum never seems to be a problem, spending ONLY $35 would be the problem If I want a varigated, I go to Lava from Superior. Even they call it "Rainbow for Gammills" my APQS runs just fine with it.
  20. The thing that stuck with me from the Karen & Ronda DVD was Ronda saying just match the marks on the sides and don't worry about the "belly" of the curve. I have been using Deloa's boomerang (fresh from MQX) and it is lining up right with the etched lines (to my amazement) it's not perfect but it looks good from a galloping horse!
  21. Those are pretty much the groups I use. I do have a seperation for quilts I use the Circle Lord on so I can credit some of the fee for that quilt to make my CL payment, but that is only in the "type of quilting" at the top of the invoice, not the pricing section. I always quote a range of prices (i.e. Custom light- .018-.025) and have the high end in MQBM- then when I discuss the quilt with the customer I can adjust the price a bit if I want to.
  22. Adorama...That was it... Hey, I was close.. I got the "A" right...