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  1. It's interesting, I'd like to get one of these. Would a needle like that fit them? By some strange coincidence, I got a whole box of them for free.
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    Usually put in the back.
  3. You can't trust anyone, let alone in business. Always make contracts, even if it's your loved one, it doesn't matter. You have to separate your personal relationship from your business. You've had a hard time with this lesson, it's sad, but it's a good thing you have experience. I hope that doesn't happen again in your practice.
  4. It's nice to hear you're doing so well. Develop and grow your business. It's always hard at the beginning, then when you have a lot of orders, it will be easier and new ideas for expansion will appear.
  5. It will depend on what kind of business you have. You want to sell on the Internet, by the highway with a sign, through your neighbors? Do you want to give an interesting name or want to develop your business as a brand?
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