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  1. I just had a similar issue using Glide 60 wt on top and in prewound magna-glide bobbins. Lucey skipped stitches and shredded the thread but only when going away from me, especially lower right to upper left. APQS helped me troubleshoot and it did get better, although not perfect. They had me change my thread path through the three-hole tensioners slightly. Here is a photo showing the thread path through them...hopefully you can zoom in. I also rotated my needle slightly to the left (at about 6:35 on the clock). I did some reading in the forum and saw that sewers aid lubricant was suggested to help this. I purchased some and dripped it onto the top edges of the thread cone to lubricate the thread, which seemed to really help. Let us know what you find!
  2. Hi there. I am having a similar issue with Lucey and Glide thread--shredding and skipped stitches. Did you get your issue resolved? If so, any hints on a fix? thanks!