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  1. So many ways to make face masks, safety is very important, wear whatever mask you want, but just wear it. People should understand that mask is not only for self safety, but also for people around you. When everyone has a protective mask, the risk of infecting or getting infected is so much lower. Also personal hygiene, using disinfectants. Toilet rolls were the biggest problem for me, but then I started to order them online from clean4less, they have a wide range of products and the prices are lower than the places where I used to buy them before.
  2. I must agree with kylie. I mean, most of the blogs nowadays, mainly consist of motivational posts, and just mainstream things that are meant to be popular and gain money for the author. It also makes you smile while you read it, because you understand that it is something that the author really feel and want to say, not that they say it because it is a popular subject to be debated or something like that. I also started a blog recently, it is mostly related to gambling, and the experience i have from playing on https://clubvip777.com/, trying all the new games, and so on an so forth.
  3. Yeah. A lot of the ideas can be realized for a person that likes the idea of creating a small business. Actually, I thought a lot about creating a business that would be about Eco ideas. However, this idea, require a lot of money, so I've decided to get some money from side hustle ideas that my friend has recommended. Turns out that there are multiple options of earning the money online and the minimum wage of it, it's $50. I guess this price is more than enough for minimum wage per day and I guess with different types of creating the idea, this thing tip would help me in future creations..
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