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  1. 100% cotton will be heaviest. Poly and wool battings are both lighter weight. Check here for more info about battings: Quilters Dream
  2. If you're on Facebook, there is a We Love APQS group that allows sale posting on Wednesdays. There's also another group selling group called Longarm & Accessories 4 Sale. I found a used Lenni on FB last summer (it was also listed here).
  3. You should be able to edit your original post and change the title to add "no longer for sale". Click the 3 dots in your original post and you should be able to edit from there.
  4. Previous reply reported as spam
  5. Nice that you found one. I do think Bold Notion Quilting has one that fits your machine, but it's a green resin and not metal. "Scoop foot For APQS Machines Interchangeable Hopping foot ONLY (Legacy 2018 Machines and older with interchangeable hopping foot)".
  6. You post appears to be spam. This is a quilting forum - not toilets.
  7. Bold Notion Quilting sells a scoop foot. Have you checked there? She's on Facebook or you can go to her website She is an APQS dealer.
  8. That sounds like a tension adjustment is needed. Make sure your upper thread is properly between the tension discs. You should test tension going in multiple directions to see if adjustment is needed. Test vertically, horizontally, diagonally moving the machine both directions and also test circles and loops. Set your bobbin tension first based on thread for your project, then adjust the top tension based on what happens with your testing.
  9. I purchased a used 2008 Lenni last summer. This machine has the stationary vertical handles in front. I asked APQS a few months ago if it was possible to upgrade to the adjustable ergo handles. I was quoted $450 for them and installation will require me to drill holes for mounting. Has anyone else done this and if so, are you happy with them? I was thinking that would be a lot of money and may someday I would want upgrade my machine so why spend the money now. But the more I think about it, it seems I should just stick with this machine for the foreseeable future. The new machines a
  10. You don't necessarily need to "wash" the scraps for your block. Immerse them in water, swish around a bit and then let them air dry. Another option is to use spray starch on them which will also cause some shrinkage.
  11. Have you contacted APQS service? They have a lot of replacement parts/upgrades that are not listed on the websites. I've asked about the LED panel and adjustable arms for my 2008 Lenni (purchased used). I know the go switch was replaced by the previous owner of my machine. I'm pretty sure they would provide installation instructions with the part.
  12. What is the price of the bobbin winder you would sell? How old is it? Why are you selling it?
  13. You can contact APQS through their website and request the documentation for your machine. Also, even though you don't have a warranty since you're not the original owner, you should transfer the serial number to your name with APQS. I recently purchased a 2008 Lenni and did this. I hope your wife likes her upgrade.