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  1. I've noticed I will get thread breaks if I have the quilt stretched too tight on the frame. If the thread breaks after I've advanced the quilt and changed nothing else, that seems to be the problem. If I adjust one of the rollers or the side clamps, then the issue doesn't reoccur.
  2. If this was a machine rental and you weren't the one who actually did the quilting, I don't see how it would reflect badly on you. She just quilted it on your machine. If you're in the business of renting out your machine, then it doesn't make sense to fire a customer for his/her work product. On the hand, a little guidance from you may go a long way in building goodwill with this customer. Would you rather have her brag to her friends how your help made her quilts turn out better or complain to her friends about how you won't let her rent your machine? I don't have a quilting busin
  3. Sharon, How old is it? I'm using a little Singer plastic sidewinder. That's what I got with my used 2008 Lenni that the seller was using. It seems to work ok but I wonder if the APQS one would be better. Sue
  4. You should contact APQS directly for assistance especially if you think are missing parts. They are very responsive.
  5. From what I see with a quilt like this, you need to determine what you want someone to see. Do you want to emphasize the octagons formed by the 8 triangles coming to the center (5 1/2 of those across each row in what we see)? Or the 4 pointed star shape from the octagons+4 triangles at N/S/E/W? Or the large interlocking circles from the 4 pointed stars plus the lighter areas around them? Or the large circles that just touch at the points with a star between them? There are sooo many possibilities with this quilt. You can stitch in the ditch around whichever shape and then echo insi
  6. Other popular brands of thread are Superior SoFine (50wt cotton) and Glide (40wt poly). Both of those brands have other weights of thread available also. Cotton will shed more lint than poly. Those brands also have prewound bobbins. Thread really depends on the look you're trying to achieve on your project/quilt. Some people say machines only 'like' certain brands of thread - but others say any quality thread will work as long as you're willing to work to get the tension right. Spare bobbin case - if you wind your own and use prewound magnetic bobbins, it might be easier to have on
  7. If one of the earlier comments is correct, that the leaders were attached with Liquid Nails, here's some info from the LiquidNails website on removing their adhesives. For smaller applications: Step 1. You’ll need to soften the adhesive or caulk. To do this, heat the adhesive with an electric heat gun or blow dryer.Alternatively, you could coat the adhesive with petroleum jelly or mineral spirits for at least 12 hours to a day. Be aware that mineral spirits are not recommended for tub surrounds, vinyl, plastic, painted surfaces, or varnish. Step 2. Then scrape
  8. What pantos do you have and what's the price? Can you provide photos or the pattern name/designers? Thanks, Sue
  9. 100% cotton will be heaviest. Poly and wool battings are both lighter weight. Check here for more info about battings: https://www.hobbsbatting.com/resources/for-quilters/faqs/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5lQYaFAMueAVUE0QUE4TUt2STA/view Quilters Dream
  10. If you're on Facebook, there is a We Love APQS group that allows sale posting on Wednesdays. There's also another group selling group called Longarm & Accessories 4 Sale. I found a used Lenni on FB last summer (it was also listed here).
  11. You should be able to edit your original post and change the title to add "no longer for sale". Click the 3 dots in your original post and you should be able to edit from there.
  12. Previous reply reported as spam
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