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  1. I don't know about a specific Fons & Porter video, but there are a lot of YouTube videos on loading quilts. There's one a lot of people recommend called "Loading Lori's way". Whirlsnswirls quilting also has a youtube channel and I'm pretty sure I saw a video on loading. She's an APQS dealer and has several hundred short videos posted stitching out various quilting designs. APQS has lots of articles https://www.apqs.com/category/education/quilt-prep-loading-tips/ They also have a youtube channel.
  2. There are service videos on the APQS main website for both florescent and LED light style machines that provide instructions on how to adjust this. https://www.apqs.com/needle-adjustment-led-light-machines-video/ https://www.apqs.com/needle-adjustment-fluorescent-fight-machines-video/
  3. If you're on Facebook, check out Bold Notion Quilting page. She shipped a machine earlier this year and used pool noodles to protect the rails.
  4. Stuck as in you just can't get motivated to quilt? I make bargains with myself all the time. Just do "the thing I don't want to do" for 15 min or 20 or whatever, then I can do "the other thing I want to do" afterwards. It always seems like I want to be doing something other than what I should be doing. I have a quilt on my frame that I bought an estate sale. Thought it would be good practice. It was in decent shape - a few minor stains/discolorations but no holes. It's 7 blocks by 8 blocks. It's fan blocks and I'm doing ruler work and freehand feathers - same pattern in every block I'm over halfway through and it takes me almost 30 min to do each block. It seems like I've been working on it forever and I still have 21 blocks to go! Plus I think my feathers look sloppy. I don't know how people do detailed custom work for hire and meet customer deadlines. Or are you stuck meaning no idea what to quilt in the custom area? Pinterest, Instagram (which is down today along with facebook), quilting books, youtube. Start drawing on plastic/plexiglass over the quilt until something speaks to you.
  5. Some people may not notice the tag. Frequent follow up questions ask if the seller will disassemble/ship or if the buyer must pick up. You can edit your original post and add that information in your listing. Some people also put what town they are in/near so buyers have some idea of distance if they are considering travel to pick up the machine. Although CT is considerably smaller than other states so it might not matter as much.
  6. You should probably contact APQS or a local dealer to see if bliss is available in that size and the costs. I thought standard table/rail sizes were 10', 12' and 14'.
  7. How about adding the writing with a marking tool (erasable marker or chalk) to all the pieces before you start? Or even just horizontal lines where the writing goes, like lined paper. You could also keep a reference paper with the writing size next to you when you quilt. I’m not sure I could keep consistent size whether it’s one piece or several pieces anyway.
  8. Wow 50’ long?! I would think that would get too big on the take up roller. Even if it fit, you would lose a lot of the throat space and eventually could only stitch a small design.
  9. It looks like Intelliquilter supports CompuQuilter. https://www.intelliquilter.com/compuquilter-home.php
  10. It would be helpful to potential buyers if you can post photos, state the model name and year, and where you are located.
  11. Try this company. They sell KQ parts for 622 machines (I think). https://www.longarmquiltingsupplies.com/about-us/
  12. Bring a hand mirror to check underneath (flashlight on cell phone helps). You should also be able to run a fingernail along the stitching on the bottom - if your nail is catching on each stitch, there's a good chance the tension needs to be adjusted.
  13. What have you already tried? Is the bobbin inserted correctly? I believe it should spin clockwise when looking at the bobbin after inserting it in the case. Check the bobbin case for any fuzz or lint especially in the tension part. APQS maintenance recommends sliding a business card under the tension arm to push out anything stuck in there. Check the hook area for any stray threads. We can clean this area with WD40 on APQS machines - but I don't know anything about your machine. Does the hook assembly need oil? Is the bobbin thread going someplace it shouldn't and then getting caught and breaking or is it just breaking? Have you dropped the bobbin case that it might not be perfectly round anymore? Have you tried a different bobbin - maybe it's just a bad bobbin? Is the thread wound correctly on the bobbin - not loose or sloppy? Usually, any issues I've had with breakage are due to operator error.
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