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  1. Roni - it's best if you update the title of the thread to include the word "SOLD" so this is obvious to anyone searching in the forum.
  2. You can contact APQS directly from the contact page on the main website. They can share the manual with you. They will also help you troubleshoot your issue - even if you are not the original owner of the machine. I purchased a +10 yr old Lenni last summer and they have been very helpful with any problems I've had.
  3. https://forum.apqs.com/topic/31595-george-on-a-longarm-table/?tab=comments#comment-449470 Not sure it's really feasible. I expect the carriages for use with domestic machines may not be large enough to hold a George machine. You'd have to look at dimensions and weight limits. George has an 18" throat space and weighs 35 lbs. You may be better off selling your current frame and getting a used APQS machine (Lenni/Lucey/Freddie/Millie).
  4. There's Pinterest but searching by letter doesn't work well for that. Have you looked at Evernote or OneNote? They have sharing options and the search functions are pretty good. I use OneNote at work to store emails and can find emails by any word in the email. They both have tagging so you could create tags for Christmas, Leaves, etc. Since they have robust searches, actual tags aren't necessary if you just add the key words to the "notes".
  5. I don't know about that brand but there are Red Snapper side clamps that look like they are similar. I've seen others use them but I don't have them. I'm going the DIY way - I got some paint stir sticks (free) and some leftovers of the grippy kind of shelf liner. The liner goes next to the fabric and then a stick on top and bottom. I clamp the "sandwich" using my two existing clamps on each side. Seems to work fine for me at no cost.
  6. The EdgeRider website does list Gammill Classic as one of the models for the wheels. It seems there is one wheel type for all "non-breeze track" Gammills. They are $160/set - a bit cheaper than replacing the OEM wheels I have. https://www.accomplishquilting.com/store/p485/Edge_Rider_Wheels.html You are correct - the leveler bar and take-up roller are fixed on the frame and not adjustable. Would those Gammill wheels change the height of the machine enough that this would be a problem? On the other hand, maybe I just need to work with what I have. In a photography forum I've been on, they talk about having GAS - gear acquisition syndrome. I'm sure I have GAS. So instead of working on the art (quilting, photography, etc.), I tend to focus on getting more tools, accessories, books, etc. Thanks again for your input, Jim! Have a great weekend. Sue
  7. Jim - here are photos of my machine carriage and wheels. How would I know if the wheels are worn out? APQS sells the wheels for $23/each - I think. I'm not opposed to replacing them. I'm generally pretty handy. (I made my own texas hold'em bracket). But adding extrusion tracks probably exceeds my skillset. (Is that similar to the bliss setup?). I can take some closeups of the table rails if it would help to determine if they need some sanding. Sue
  8. 2008 Lenni with black table (lengths are single pieces, not 2-part) and vertical wheels. I'd like my machine to roll smoother and I'm wondering if sanding the rails would help. How smooth should they be? If you run your fingers along them, should you feel any bumps or should they be "perfectly" smooth? What should I use to make them smoother and remove any ridges? I have sand paper in several different grits - use my hand only or put it over a block of wood? I could borrow a dremel tool but honestly, I'm a bit clumsy with it. I do notice that even the very ends of the table where the machine probably hasn't been used much aren't super smooth. Is it possible to sand it too much? I've had the machine about a year. I had not even used another longarm machine before I bought this so I have no reference as to whether it's as smooth as it could/should be. The table is level and square. The wheels seem to be riding in the correct position on the frame and the carriage. I don't know if the previous owner ever replaced the wheels but I don't see anything wrong with them - no flat spots that I can see. I'm not interested in moving to a bliss table (if that's even possible with this machine). Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice. Sue
  9. Just a note - you can click on a user and see when they last visited the site. The seller hasn't been on this site since 2019 so you're unlikely to get a reply.
  10. Just my opinion here so take it for what it's worth. I don't quilt as a business and my quilting for others has been limited to handful of charity quilts..... It would seem unlikely that someone looking at the low-skill-level quilt would be doing so in order to select a longarmer for their own project. It's probably not on display as a sample reference of your work or a showpiece, but being used as a quilt. In my limited experience, people who don't do their own quilting don't notice flaws. I haven't done many quilts, but I notice every bump and wobble and others just ooh and aah over how great it looks. As with many artistic endeavors, we are our own worst critics. Bottom line is it's your choice to accept or decline a customer. I'm thinking it's more likely that you will get more bad references from the "fired" customer than potential lost customers noticing pleats/tucks in another customer's quilt.
  11. I know there isn't much activity on here with so many groups available on Facebook. (Too bad because to me this is more user friendly than FB.) However, I still check it regularly and find lots of useful information. I also regularly report spam posts that are clearly not related to quilting or quilting machines. That being said, where do we find the forum rules? I agree this post isn't appropriate for a Forum. It's general advertising for the manufacturer's website - not even a specific dealer.
  12. Did you mean the thread bunches up on the bottom? This would usually mean that there is an issue with the tension on the top thread. The top thread isn't getting pulled tight enough so it's all messy on the bottom. Take out your top thread and rethread the machine from the beginning. Double check that you are following the correct thread path. Also, make sure the thread is seated properly between the discs in the tensioner assembly. Also make sure your bobbin area is clean and free of lint and stray threads. If none of those work, post some pictures of the top and bottom of the quilt to get more help troubleshooting. Sue
  13. If you email or call APQS, they will tell you what you need and give you the pricing.
  14. George has been discontinued. This was discussed in a post post in the We Love APQS facebook group. They will, of course, continue to carry the parts to maintain any George's out there.
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