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  1. Can I get invited to the private quilt path group on FB?
  2. I would like some more info on this! YOu can call or text me at 402.430.1487 Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know what the Roadshow discounts are on the machines? I went to one a couple years ago but I did not keep my brochures. Thanks!
  4. Isn't this one available for $10,300 that includes the Bliss track? Is there something else included? I'm curious as while it's $1,400 less than new, there would be no warranty with it.
  5. Hi Sandra! would you be willing to talk with me about your Butler? My elderly mother has one and I’m trying to learn this with her. She has just always done free motion and I want to use the patterns! But with no support out there, it is difficult. thanks, tammy Ingwerson tammyingwerson@gmail.com
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