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  1. Looking for help. My best friend passed away last October, very unexpectedly. She had a PC Quilter on her longarm. Her family is needing to sell the longarm but we know nothing about the PC quilter. Worth anything? Any help would be appreciated. I have my Millie with IQ but am lost here.
  2. Well, I didn't read this soon enough and Linda and Terry Robinson and I attempted to upgrade my CQ with my very expensive "box" of parts. Not only were we not successful but we couldn't get back to the original version of CQ. It seems that, amongst other issues, Butch of CQ had not given me permission to download the working copy of the new program. Unfortunately with no way of contacting them I am totally out of luck. Massive waste of money for sure. Meanwhile I have changed to the IQ system and am soooooo happy that I did. It does have a learning curve but I am having so much fun ex
  3. CQ users informal meeting, Houston Quilt Festival, Thursday, Oct. 31st, 4pm. Look for us in the Food Court area, on the far left as you enter the food section. Hope you can join us. Karen
  4. David Jones just left my house after installing my fantastic new lighting....I can't believe what a difference his lighting makes. The fact that I can position the lights and angle them just where I want them makes them even better! I think there is a great picture of them on DeLoa's website. I was expecting them to be large and a bit intrusive but they really look great! I'm excited!! And he tuned up my machine at the same time!!! Woo Hoo!!!
  5. Thank you so much for the answers. I'll be calling APQS first thing tomorrow morning. I just spent a week at Sharon Schamber's studio and realized what a difference it makes to be able to really see what I'm doing. I also want to change those ball handles on the micro handles. The bicycle handles that I used at Sharon's were so much easier to use. I came home with lots of "hunny do" jobs for my family!! Karen
  6. Has anyone removed the top roller bar? I feel that I can be more comfortable and accurate if I remove the top roller bar and float my quilts when doing small close work. It's just more comfortable for me. I can see better and use the micro handles more easily. I would like to remove that bar but can't figure out how to lock the remaining bar since our system uses the block to lock both bars at once....any ideas? I have a Millie. Karen
  7. I entered two quilts and a jacket into this years MQS, knowing I wouldn't win but wanting the experience and excitement that competition gives to me. What a thrill to receive a Teachers Ribbon from the fantastic and ONLY...Claudia and AND AND.....first place NOVICE at the fashion show! Wow that was a fantastic experience and a great surprise. I love the goal of bringing my skills up to the "masters" level. It may not ever happen but I sure have the inspiration to work to compete. I took the time this year to work behind the scenes, in the judging room, in the backroom area, on the vendor
  8. John...did I miss something. I thought the deadline for entering quilts was March 20. Karen in Sugar Land
  9. Thanks Cheryl. I too have mine on order. Looking forward to receiving it! Karen from Sugar Land, Tx APQS Millie with CQ
  10. Hi there...I have been using a wireless keyboard and it's fantastic!!! I have the APQS and the keyboard sits right on the handles and moves back and forth with the machine. It's fantastic - go for it!!!!! Karen in Houston
  11. That is really fantastic. I am really a fan of Phil Beavers and am looking forward to taking a class from him next month when he come to a quilt guild meeting in Texas. Had to sign up months ago just to secure a space in class! Hope I can do half so well!!! Karen
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