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  1. Thank you Cagey. I never thought about using auto parts. That is something like what I am seeing in my head. Great idea!
  2. Thanks, Connie. I have searched high and low and saved pictures in pinterest but haven't found one like the idea in my head. It isn't a real idea yet, just a germ of an idea. That is why I haven't gone forward with it. I want to go to Home Depot and see if I can find some way to attach a rod to the legs without drilling any holes. I keep thinking there is a way to do that. All I have to do is find it. If that fails, I will build one like you posted.
  3. I have Lenni with the legs in the picture. I want to add a bar to hold a roll of batting. I was thinking of drilling holes in the legs where I drew the arrows and adding a bar across the legs and attaching a long bar the length of my table to hold the batting. I need to try to make a batting bar cheaply. Is that an acceptable idea? I don't want to weaken the legs so I thought I would ask first before attempting that. Thanks for the help.
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