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  1. Thank you. I was on the APQS store for the bobbins. I can call them tomorrow and ask. I finally got things figured out on the quilt also (just about 30 min ago LOL). I kept going to smaller needles so I figured I'd try a larger one....and it worked. I was going to look for a ball point needle but didn't see one on the APQS site and would have looked more if this hadn't worked. Thanks for responding, I'm never sure if these site are very active or not.
  2. I want to order some pre-wound bobbins but it doesn't tell you the quantity...unless it's $10.50 for one bobbin which seems a little high. Does anyone know how many are included for the $10.50 price and do they ever have cream/off-white? 2nd Q does quilting a polyester/double-knit quilt cause any unique problems. This one is 2 1/2 in squares, all hand sewn, seams were not ironed down and each junction is like a little flower on the bottom where the 4 corners meet. I've figured out how to avoid those BUT, my thread shreds after about a foot or so of quilting. Not sure what's causing it but if someone tells me it's not the quilt, then I'll go back over everything again to see if I've missed something. I have checked needle (new), bobbin tension (good), threaded correctly, changed from poly thread to cotton...and back to poly, doesn't seem to matter, checked for lint, burrs, etc. I'm at my wits end to know what to do next. Anyone had any experience with this? Thanks in advance. I have a Millie (3rd owner) not sure how old it is probably 10-12 years old.