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  1. Ardelle I love it. If I ever get around to piecing mine I want you to quilt it for me.
  2. I would like to buy the clamshell giant boards, if you will sell them alone
  3. Here are a few pictures. It is still a long way from done, but I am pretty happy with it so far. I am having issues with top thread showing up underneath, but I think that is because of the batting and density of the quilting. Plus it is one color thread on top and a different color on the backer. The back looks like a glorious wholecloth. I think she should use it wrong side up.
  4. I've just been busy at work and trying to get caught up with quilting. Also, dealing with oldest son moving his wife and son here (well, to Kentucky) and youngest son and his wife moved away (to Nebraska).
  5. Dear Lord, I haven't been on much lately; but I am so glad you and your family are okay. I can't imagine what that must have been like. I am going to pray for you
  6. Have you checked for a burr on your needle plate or hook? Since it is a new machine, it is unlikely; but if you broke a needle or had thread get snagged, it is possible. Glide thread is hard to use. Try adding some sewer's aid to the spool of thread and in between your tension disks.
  7. He/ she listed it again, with some better pictures. I still don't think it is an Ultimate II, unless somebody switched out the wheel assembly. That is not the typical Ultimate II table, either. I agree with Linda. If it is newly serviced, there should be an invoice. Also, what is the serial number of this machine. That will tell what model it is and when it was made. I looked on Ebay, did not find it listed.
  8. I don't think it is an Ultimate II because it has horizontal wheels and Ultimate II had vertical wheels. It looks really long, also. It looks to be in pretty rough shape, but if it works well and doesn't need major repairs then it might be worth the money.
  9. That sound interesting Heidi, but I can't even get a mental picture of what that sounds like. This Handiquilter set up is amazing though. Look at the youtube video. They even pulled yarn through and stitched it down. I can picture gold braiding, specialty yarns, cording, and lots of other things being added to quilts.
  10. Handiquilter has these awesome Couching feet that allow you to use large threads like dazzle dazzle from the top, rather than doing bobbin work. Does anybody know if those will fit on apqs Mille? If not, does apqs make something that will do the same thing?
  11. I think I have your quilting excitement Dave, but I don't have time to quilt because I am back to work. I thought I'd get some done this weekend, but we had to go grab a load of our son's stuff and bring it to our house for storage. The realtor listing their house didn't really want to show it with all those boxes stacked up in the second bedroom. He said it would show better if it was decluttered. Nobody bothered to think about the clutter that is now in my extra bedroom. LOL. Take your time finishing your quilt. It will be more special than if you rushed through it.
  12. I was contacted by a lady who needs a very large quilt done. It is 115 x 120. I have no idea what it looks like, how well it is pieced, or how she wants it quilted. I told her I could not do one that large on my machine and she wants me to help her find somebody. I have her email address is anybody is interested in contacting her.
  13. Very simple, but so pretty. I love the spirals, too. I can't figure out if I would like to make a modern quilt or not.
  14. She went ahead and mailed her quilt and had batting sent to me from Hancocks. Before I even showed her the sketches last night. I guess she is determined for me to do her quilt. Here is the agreement I drew up. I think I covered my butt on everything. Would somebody please take a look and make sure it is okay? I have usually just used a handwritten piece of paper with both signatures, but this one is going to be "special", I can just tell. She was referred by another customer.
  15. Debbie, I did quote her an outrageous price and she still wants it done. I just sent her a message and told her if it was mine I would use double layers of high loft polyester. I recommended that she save her warm and natural for her next project.
  16. I have a potentially new customer (I may or not agree to do her quilt). She wants the quilting to really pop, almost like a trapunto effect. I know I can do that with wool over cotton, or double layers of thick loft polyester. But she wants warm and natural on the bottom and another batting on top AND she wants to be able to machine wash and dry this quilt. Any suggestions? I have explained to her that wool can't go in the dryer. I also told her warm and natural will shrink a bit, and polyester will not. I'm not sure what to tell her. She has been calling my phone repeatedly with a
  17. Very timely post. I just had this happen. Luckily I caught it quick and was able to rip out enough to fix it. I think the problem I had was the backing fabric kept getting more and more saggy the more I worked with it. My guess is is was not 100% cotton.
  18. There is one quilt shop in our area that is participating. I would love to have patterns from other shops in other areas. Does anybody want to trade? I'm not sure if I can get multiple copies of the pattern or not. What are the official rules about being present to get a pattern?
  19. Chris, let me know when things are organized. It is cool that your sisters live in Cookeville. That is over east of Nashville, right. It is about 250 miles from here.
  20. What about pyramidal feather swirls in the triangle shapes. That would tie in with your other feathers.
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