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  1. Hi All, I contacted a couple of people regarding the Perfect Stitch regulator post-installed (http://www.quiltez.com/perfect-stitch/). I got a quote for $4999 plus tax and the machine would need to be out of commission for 1 week. The Quilt Patch 2221 Jacksboro Pike La Follette, TN 37766 +14235624420 TheQuiltPatch@bellsouth.net https://thequiltpatchblog.wordpress.com/ Fortunately, I got a great deal on a 2004 APQS Millennium with bliss rails and will probably be selling my APQS Ultimate 1 soon (if anyone's interested!) I hope this helps someone loo
  2. Thanks Nigel! I contacted IntelliStitch back in 2017 to see if that system could be added to the Ultimate 1 and they said no. Their website says that they don't offer IntelliStitch as an after-market upgrade. But I can call to confirm. I did not know about QuiltEZ and will have to look into that system. I might ask APQS about trading in the Ultimate 1 for a newer head with stitch regulation. Please tell me what a "run of Green Millenniums" is all about. Nichole
  3. I know that IntelliStitch (I/S) did make an after market upgrade for the Ultimate 1, but at least since 2017 when I emailed them they no longer have this option. It looks like I/S is only installing the hardware onto new Nolting machines. https://www.intellistitch.com/index.php "We no longer offer IntelliStitch as an after-market upgrade." Is there ANYONE else who can put a stitch regulator on the Ultimate 1? Thanks! PS. I'm not looking to buy a new machine. I really DO like the Ultimate 1, but I'd like to have a little more control over the quilting speed to do custom quilting.
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