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  1. Hi: I have a APQS Millenium and someone recently asked me what the stitch count on the machine is? I have no idea where to find this or how to find it. Is it available and if so, how do I find it? Thanks.
  2. What has been your experience when a customer brings you a double sided quilt to quilt? In other words, two quilts tops, both with lots of pieces, and asked to have it quilted. Do you do that? If so negatives or positives? Does it roll,properly, quilt properly, hard to centre because of the number of pieces? Any feedback is appreciated.
  3. Marie: Thanks, that has helped. I like the idea of a mark every 12inches or so. Keeps it straight and will indicate if there is a problem looming....

  4. The first few rows appear to be straight horizontally. By row six or seven that is when it is evident that the quilt top is getting longer on the right side. I float the top, could pinning the top possibly solve the issue?
  5. I have quilted on the Millie for years. Periodically I have quilt top that appears to be longer on the right side than the left side. When I get to the bottom row, there is sometimes a three or four inch difference between the length on the left side of the quilt compared to the right side of the quilt. I am making the assumption that when the owner is sewing it together, they sew from the left to the right, thus stretching the right side. They don’t actually do the measurement, instead just keep adding. Has this happened with any of you, do anyone have a solution, answer or has this happened
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