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  1. Thanks for all your comments, I'm feeling pressured by my husband to sell because he bought it for me expecting the income would support my hobby. We could use the extra space as an office for our new restaurant opening soon, and the extra money. I could buy another machine 5 - 10 years from now when my babies are in school. ToManyQuilts: I have a Proto Stitch Wizard, I am located in Cottonwood, Ca (two hrs north of Sacramento) 14' table, Hydraulic lift, Stitch regulator with computerized keypad and motorized quilt advance. Circle and diagonal maker, ruler base and foot, serperate bobbin winder. The machine is very heavy duty and runs so smoothly. If you could find a buyer I would be willing to pay a finders fee. Jenifer
  2. One year ago I decided to go into the longarm business and spent $15,000 on a new machine. I got discouraged trying to juggle my crazy family life and I haven't touched the machine for 6 months and put it up for sale. My machine is awesome but no has ever heard of a Proto, so I'm having trouble selling it. My current price is $10,000 which makes me sick. Now I am thinking I gave up too quickly and I should give it another try. Any suggestions? Is there really money to be made in this business? Jenifer