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  1. I am just going through them, will post in a few days. Sorry, a lot going on, Spring break, wedding, etc.
  2. I will need to check, they are light but the box is about 4 feet long by 5" by 5". Will try to get to post office today, but not sure if I can.
  3. I have the Circle Lord front/back stylus system with accessories. $250 plus shipping I have the queen size baptist fan $215 plus shipping I have a zipper system for 126" ( for backing and for bottom of quilt top) $15 plus shipping Have 3 18" square templates: background tiny filler, curved crosshatch and medallion: $35 each plus shipping or $75 for all 3 plus shipping. Brand new Red Snappers for a 12 ft table. $35 plus shipping Contact me: mwakefield@scspk12.org or 417-838-1036 I may have some pantos, rulers or stencils to sell as well.
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