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  1. Yes, it is still for sale. I am in Durham. It works great, Angela, my local rep gave it a once over last year just because. I used it last yesterday. I am in the midst of purchasing a Millie, otherwise I would still be using it. Pictures as soon as I can figure out how to attach them!
  2. I have an Ultimate II for sale in NC. $1000. Wood table, excellent condition, will include panto's, bobbins, and the adapted foot for Ruler Work.
  3. Has anyone quilted a Woven Ribbons Quilt, a pattern of Jinny Beyer? I am fresh out of ideas for this one and could use some ideas please. Thank you, Stephanie
  4. DWR is one of my favorite patterns. Ten years ago I made a King size black and white one for a favorite nephew. The nice part was, I sent the fabric to a company in New England, and for a small fee, they cut the fabric for me. I can't remember the name of it though. It has been around forever, sells quilt kits of calico and muslin, begins with an H. I have since made three more king size using Shar's template, I really enjoy curves. Stephanie
  5. I am still in, and far behind! Had to stop sewing for the past four months due to surgery for a torn biceps tendon and rotary cuff repair. I am now up to lifting two pound weights, and I can almost raise the arm high enough to turn the wheel on the DSM. Oh the joy in the little things! Stephanie
  6. Karen, When I read your article, I just felt so bad that you felt you needed to change to fit into the quilting world, this has really bothered me, and then someone has the gall to write negatively to you about YOUR tats. People will always judge on face value, but you my dear have the total package to back up what you are putting out there. Talent exudes from every pore of your body, so always hold your head up, and don\'t take anyone elses baggage! Never conform was my mantra in the 60\'s, and you can borrow it if you want! Stephanie
  7. Ladies, Please check out the Carolina Longarm Association at, I am sure any of us would be glad to answer questions etc. We meet quarterly, our next meeting is Oct 19th at the Warm and Natural factory in Hendersonville. We have our first Longarm show on September 28-29 in Clemmons, NC. Stephanie
  8. Some of the fastest tops I have pieced are designed by a friend, here is her website. I asked her about using her patterns to make quilts for sale, copyright etc, and she replied as long as she is given credit on the sales tag, it is fine with her. Here is her website, and she can be contacted through the site for validation. The Lightening Fast top can be pieced in four-six hours, and I have seen some that are absolutely stunning, borders can make a difference. They are so popular in this area, that I probably quilt three per month. Stephanie
  9. Ladies, I am a member of Carolina Longarm Association, and we have several talented members in Fayetteville, NC. Our April meeting was held there in fact. Here is a link to our website, and I would be glad to connect you to other members if you need me to. Loving Stitches, a local shop in Fayetteville is a Gammil dealer, they too have a website, google can help with that. There is another quilt shop in Fayetteville, but I can't remember the name at the moment. Stephanie
  10. Shana, In North Carolina, it is also "make a picture" for take a picture and have your picture taken. As a northern transplant, I always had to puzzle with that one. My husband is from Jamaica, went to school in Scotland and has a 'different' accent. During our 33 years of marriage, I must have picked up some of his speech patterns, as people are always asking which Island am I from. I refrain from saying the island of Pennsylvania! I am one of those people who subconsciously pick up the speech of people around me. We were in China last year, and I had to smack myself when I heard br
  11. Hi, I love curves, and Double Wedding Ring Quilts (I have been accused of being strange) and have made one for every niece/nephew getting married (five thus far), and one king size commission ($2500). It just takes patience to do the curves. I use the templates from Quilting from the Heartland. The secret to curves is to find the center and match the ends from there. The Curve Master foot may also help. But the beauty is in the quilting! Good Luck, Stephanie