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  1. 1 year old,fully decked out, q21 with QCT 5 Pro robotics, frame, leaders, hopping foot set, quilt clips, lots of M magna glide bobbins, idler bar, ruler table, laser rear handles. Will even throw in some of my hand dyed fabric - does that show how desperate I am? Well I am, my new Millie arrives in 2 weeks and I do not have room for both machines. Email dabblanc@yahoo.ca
  2. Forgot to say it is 1 year old and I have upgraded from 21 inch throat to 26 inches
  3. I have a Q’nigue 21 on a 10 ft table in Edmonton. May be willing to deliver and set up. It has computerized system QCT 5 pro tha makes it hands free or you can also free motion. It has oodles of accessories and is fully decked out with all the bells and whistles
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