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  1. Hello Mary, I wanted to find out if you are still interested in the SS. I just got back from a family trip and retrieved my machine from the shop (it is in tip top condition and no problems even needed to be addressed). They could not counsel me on how to price. If you are interested we can discuss price and how I can protect both you and me during the sale and shipping. Let me know if you would like me to proceed with getting more information. I can take pictures and videos if you would like. It does have a ruler base, that is my favorite way to quilt! And it has casters as well. I am going to look now at my original purchase price (the machine cost less in 2017 than today) and make a list of all that will be included. I am also going to talk to UPS to get an idea if shipping to Oregon is even reasonable.
  2. Hello Mary, I am going to talk to my local dealer when I get the routine service to ask about current value and best way to ship. Just to give you a little more information - this machine has no "quilt from the back" kit. The current stitch count is 1,424,628. Are there any other things you may want to know while I collect some information from my dealer? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I own a Simply Sixteen with Little Foot and no prostitcher. I am considering changing to a larger machine now that the room I use is bigger. I would like to have a plan for selling this machine before upgrading. I purchased in the Fall of 2017 and it has only been for hobby use. I am in the US - Southeast. Are you still looking to purchase?
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