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  1. Thank you for your prompt reply. I appreciate your help. I tried the Bliss track at an APQS roadshow this spring, and did like it. I'm going to go try it next week and I will let you know.
  2. I own an older APQS (circa mid 1980s). It really quilts well, no bells or whistles, but as my first Long Arm it has been great. I have been looking to upgrade. I found a 2003 Millie for $7000, at a very reputable Bernina shop near me. My husband feels the glide track is a deal breaker. Have any of you upgraded from the regular wheel tracks to the glide track? If so, can you tell me if this is necessary. My main goal was to move to a machine with a stitch regulator, which the 2003 Millie has. Thanks in advance.
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