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  1. This George Machine is still for sale as of August 1st, 2021. Please contact Dan Galiher if you have any questions or interested. Thanks
  2. This George Machine is still for sale as of July 7th for everyone's information. Dan
  3. Peach, We are in Pinckney' Michigan, yes machine is set up and you can try it out. Please Text or Call 219-743-1827 my personal email is danielgaliher52@gmail.com Dan Galiher
  4. The machine was delivered to the original owner in 2008 from the factory. The original owner never took it out of the boxes it was shipped in. He paid $8,500 so he sold it to us in March of 2009, so it was not even un-boxed until 2009. APQS new the story and extended a warranty for us for three years because they knew the story. Serial number is B01281. Hope this helps.
  5. Sorry if it was confusing. We would prefer not to sell the table. The machine is in perfect condition thanks for your response. If you have anymore questions please ask. Dan
  6. We have a George machine for sale, machine only and accessories. South East Michigan Local pickup. It is like new, only 3 quilts made on it since new. Have original Box. Asking $3000.00 Beautiful Machine.
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